Shattered Queen

A Man From Beyond the Mists

The Story Begins

-PC’s in Elidia(Unkala had sex with a “woman” and was upstairs the whole night) meet a strange man(Grendel) who tells them of the mist and invites them to accompany him north and help him
-attacked by the Unsworn in Elidia. killed a townsman and threw it into the tavern. Grendel warned everyone not to touch it, as to would turn into the monster. at daylight Grendel threw it outside and as it changed Godric took aim at the hideous abomination of a man and blew a hole in its head. the mans wife weeped as she watched her dead husband come back to life, suffer and die again. she cursed Godric.
- they left Elidia heading along the major roads north to Moravia City they met
gypsies along the way, they were attacked by unsworn, Grendel promised to end the monsters once and for all
-got to Moravia City, went to the Holy District, Godric and Conrad(Nick) went to the Trinity Church while Char went to the Missionaries of the lotus and Unkala picked a fight with a Rahakian warrior named Boris. Unkala narrowly escaped the duel with his life as Boris and Unkala left severe wounds on each other simultaneously. as the fighters lie wounded, unconscious and bleeding out, The party rushed forward and argued for the lives of both men, as it was a religious rite that those who fall in battle would be sacrificed to a blood tree. Godric gave a speech about the value of strength in combat and the Rahakians, rather than killing Unkala and Boris, nursed them back to health. afterwords the party went to the broken talon inn owned by Grendel’s friend
-The party stayed at the broken talon inn and halfway through the night it was attacked by an unsworn. The creature shreaked and started wrecking the place. It planned to attack Grendel, telling the party that they could go, he only wanted the magician Godric shouted “Well we kinda need him” to which the unsworn replied “Then you die” Godric took aim saying “you first” and fired sending a musket ball deep in the chest of the creature. next Unkala Swung his dueling blades and slashed at the fresh wound of the creature, then finally Char ran behind the beast and slit its throat. Grendel congratulated the party on the impressive kill, saying they did a great job killing a baby. the party cleaned up and went to sleep



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