Shattered Queen

A New Ally and The Dark Forest

Our Group in now a few hours walk from the Village where the dark cloud has converged overhead. We have decided to make camp alongside the trail close to a small town for the night. I could not sleep a wink because Ahri keeps bugging to play and get my attention while I write this. She’s really active for being so young. About 3 hours into the night; Char, Godric, and Unkala left to go search for a mysterious noise. I stayed behind with Lilya and Oren.

The 3 of them travelled to the small town to discover that the entire place was in complete chaos. A mob had formed outside of the house in the middle of town and called out for the wizard that lived there. These people were human but their sanity could prove otherwise. They were undead without succumbing to the cruel necro fate. With pitchforks and torches raised high, these mindless zombies began to charge the house. Char, Godric, and Unkala took to the trees and travelled above the crowd and leapt to the balcony of the house, entering the building cautiously. There they discovered a Wizard creating a trap around the front door that would cause a massive explosion if someone was to enter. The three of them and Akaleptos began to devise a plan to escape this place without many casualties.

They were gone for about an hour before Lilya and I decided to go to them. Oren was still passed out so we left him behind while he slept. One of should at least be well rested before our next encounter. The two of us finally made it to the town to find that the mob has not made any progress and were completely oblivious to our arrival. We began to search for any sort of goods that may help us on our journey. The local weapon shop was empty of occupants, easy pickings.

While we ransacked the weapon shop, the rest of the group devised a very funny plan to escape the house. Char burst out the back door disguised as Akaleptos. The mob noticed him and gave chase into the back woods. Once the mob was gone; Godric and Unkala lead Akaleptos out the front door. Lylia and I meet up with them shortly after with plenty of loot from the shop. Our reunion was short lived as we were confronted by The Blades.

A mass army appeared before us with one demand. “Hand over the Wizard, and you all may leave unharmed.” Our decision was very simple though, we would leave with him safely. Not a moment after, Char ran back into town and quickly made it through the army with the mob behind him. The mob again paid no attention to us and attacked The Blades. We took this chance to escape the same way that Char came.

In the woods, we came to a lush open meadow. It seemed safe, too safe. Akaleptos went left through the woods while Unkala went right. Lylia, Godric and I went straight through the clearing. Godric stopped moving and turned to me to explain that he had to leave but would meet us at the Village, our destination. Before he left on ahead, I passed him a Shotgun and a scope for his Rifle. I knew he would need them the most in our gang. Char finally caught up to us as he left. No sooner did he leave did we begin to hear cracking coming from our right. Trees began to fall one by one as Unkala raced out to the clearing as if he was running for his life. Bishop came charging behind him cleaving trees as if they were twigs with two huge Halberds.

Akaleptos was having his own problems. As he was traversing the brush of the woods, he was attacked by an Unsworn. He eliminated it quickly though but not unscathed. He was bitten by the creature. As we have learned from our travels, these creatures are “venomous” and their blood and saliva is poisonous to an extent. We don’t know what it does though but it has potential to be lethal. After killing the creature, Akaleptos addressed to his wounds and rejoined the rest of the group as Bishop tore through the woods.
Bishop quickly stopped his assault as Rook and Pawn appeared behind him. A cold sweat came over me as our confrontation could mean our death. Their demand was simple. “Hand over the Wizard.” Unkala thought it was a great idea to argue with them as a sign of intimidation. They weren’t fooled in the least. Char also got into it but was able to strike a deal with the Royal Family instead.

Our Group now had a new mission. Take care of the problem in the next Village and kill Talimos. We had one day but because of Char and Unkala, we now have two days.
What have I gotten into by joining these people? It makes me really wonder what’s going to happen in the morning when we get to the Village.




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