Shattered Queen

Into the City of Wonders

Mysteries and the Unexpected

Our heroes finally getting off the train after their tense moment with seeing one of the chess pieces. They got off and went to the main gate where Grendel lead them. They saw a group of blue cloaked individuals watching as red cloaks were beating a poor and helpless girl. Grendel stiffened as he explained to the group that magic is considered an atrocity to human the the red cloaks or “Blades” were the order to keeping magic in control. As for the little girl she was either a run away trying to escape or she was a rouge now captured and being brought to a tower. Grendel gave them all siver rings with the ability to blend them in and not look like outsiders or stand out, it even hid the auras of magic users which Unkala and Oren were grateful for. They headed to the main gate and heard that there would be a problem getting inside. After some conversation they found out that recent murders that were going around they would have to relinquish their weapons however Godric offered an alternative that their bladed weapons would be tied down and their ranged ammunition would be covered or separated. The guards agreed as they tied their weapons and insured their ammunition was restricted as well. Char however was able to hide his other weapons but his Katanas were tied down.

Upon entering the captial they saw a huge monestary paying tribute to many gods also anything and everything from weapons and armor was up for grabs. Upon looking around they decided because they were still awake that they could find some information and since they heard about someone murdering people maybe they could find out information about this place and help catch a murdered. They journeyed to the tavern to make sure they had their rooms ready then headed to a brothal in a shady location. No one seemed to much effected by it so they continued onward. Upon entering the brothal Oren was tackled by a flying man that was being thrown out. He got up and shook himself as he just said “Yuck.” from all the sweat that man had and all the boos he just drank.

After all the plesentries Oren was alowed to get himself cleaned as the others went to speak with Mr. Dandy and Mr. Sparks. Mr. Dandy was drinking like there was no tomorrow as he was rambling. Finally after Mr. Dandy passed out Mr. Sparks explained what was going on and also our heroes said that if they helped them with their case, could they help them. Mr. Sparks agreed as they continued pleasantries.

Oren finally cleaned went to speak with the woman and owner of the brothel. He asked if he knew anyone by the name Drakehart while bribing her 20 gold. She told him all she knew of him and how much of a man he was paying for the best but knew nothing of how he died and other things. Oren sighed and said thank you as he walked away as he explained to her. “I expected as much… from someone of royalty.” he added as he thought it might have been his father when he was younger but either way he needed to know the truth.

After conversing and getting everyone up to speed they decided that they would try and get some sleep even though their internal clocks were messed up. They got what rest they could as the morning came, then there seemed to be a massive earthquake while people were screaming also. Because of Grendel and Oren using a lot of magic from their previous encounter with the “Makers” the rifts of magic, time and space were still disturbed causing a massive hole to appear. Out came a woman floating to the ground at the Monastery as our heroes went to investigate.

Once they got there they saw it was a half elf with dark skin… Once she awoken she was a bit shaken as she got up. “Well that was interesting.” he said as she stood. Grendel asked if she was alright as she said that nothing seemed wrong and that soon a crowd was coming. Upon the pleasantries she introduced herself. She was Lilya Meadowlyoss. Unkala jumped at that and said, “Meadowlyoss? Your Leonnel’s daughter?” “Yes I am.” she said as she stood sheathing her huge sword.

Grendel was confused as he didn’t know who this girl was yet everyone seemed to know of her, or her father. Unkala, Oren and Char said that he was one of the founders of Drake’s mercenary group and partner of Raynard. Also one of Talimos’s friends upon his adventures.

After all was said and done they asked her if she could join them and she agreed since she didn’t know where she was and they seemed to know who she was. Grendel gave her a silver ring to help her blend in as they then left.

Upon leaving to head to Mr. Sparks they saw a robbery as the group then decided to help out as the place was strange. People were choosing heads to add to their bodies thanks to magical properties but the item in question was a stolen head. The group caught up and got to the thief and also got to another thief. Upon some intelligence gathering they decided to pay their boss a visit and also found that there was something inside this stolen head. Grendel pulled out a small blue sphere as he put it into a bag saying. “this is some very dangerous magic. touching this is very unstable let alone can be hazardous.” Grendel warned.

Char went and killed on of the men and said to not freak out but… with a wave of his hand over his face his appearance completely changed to the man he just slayed. Everyone was surprised as the other their had 2 choices. Die or take them to their base. Seeing the man was outnumbered he chose to co operate since Oren was more then willing to kill him and Godric was very convincing about helping them because his friend, Oren, loves seeing people squirm and scream in agony and pain.

The group made it to the hideout as as Char was in disguise while the others remained hidden and Godric got into position smiling pulling out his musket. Char was able to get in with ease as he saw the leader and gave him the bag but as soon as he turned his back Char threw his weapon right at him killing him instantly as the rest knew what was happening from women screaming. Unkala walked in and did a flare burst to the enemies eyes as he then grabbed the leader’s death body and started to walk out. After some fighting was done they escaped only to be stopped by the “Blades”. They gave the body to the blades and requested that they relinquish the item. Grendel huffed as he handed them the sphere as they walked away. But then Grendel smiled and said. “I love that trick.” he said showing he pulled a magician’s switcheroo.

Once they had finished the pleasantries they headed over to Mr. Dandy and Mr. Sparks. Once they got there they explained they got side tracked and found something interesting but for another time. Mr. Sparks lead them into the living room as he gave the information to them. The Null only targeting people in the political since and people who had ties to the royal family. They had a suspect that was appearing at all of the murder sites thus far.

Also he was able to identify who was the next target. They all then said it was best they go there now and see if they could stop this, “Null” character and get some of the answers they seek. So they left only to find out that they were to late so they decided to split into 3 groups. one would head to the back to cut off anyone that might try to escape. One would go inside to investigate and one would remain in the shadows. Char and Godric would stay in the shadows since it suited them both. Oren and Lily decided to go to the back, while the rest of the group, Unkala, Conrad, Grendel, Mr Dandy and Sparks went inside.

Upon entering they saw it was dark as the put on some lanterns to light the way as they went to the floor where the murder took place. They saw it was dark and gloomy as Unkala went to check some rooms that gave a horrible feeling of magical energies. Upon entering there was blood and what appeared to be black stains on the wall. Seeing as the stains now were turning into hand to reach out Unkala reacted casting the spell, “Light.” onto his sword. Once the room lit up the shadows screamed and 4 figures appeared. “We are the servants of Null.” they said wearing blank masks as now a fight commenced.

Outside the group then saw 5 other figures appear as they were waiting for their comrades. Oren and Lilya saw them and went on the attack as Godric and Char saw them and went to attack also. Godric was a true dead eye. Making each shot count giving them a lot of damage. Lilya was a power house crushing and killing each foe with one swing, and Char was doing surprise attack making most of his attacks to their maximum potential. Oren struggled to keep his magic at bay as he didn’t want to use any spells but his attacks were not working as he tried to keep his distance.

Inside the house Unkala, Godric and Conrad were defeating these Null servants one after another as they saw they could split if they did not kill them in one blow. However they prevailed as they then came out. Godric was then surprised as he was attacked from behind by 2 of the Null servants as he dropped his weapon and went on the attack. Char seeing Godric in peril ran to his aid. Godric was nearly pushed off as by chance he was able to get a rope around his leg to soften stop his fall as Char finished off the 2 Null servants with his shuriken.

Once the battle was over and Godric was safely on the ground they saw the suspect in question holding down a man. Everyone looked as they then saw a tattoo on his face as Oren narrowed his eyes when Sparks and Dandy came out. “Good new guys… that guy on the ground is the Null… bad new… the one holding him down… is the bishop.” said Oren as Char walked away going back to the shadows but everyone else stood their ground as the royal family saw them.

Rook looked at Conrad and smiled as she gave a wink to him before putting her hat down and walked away with the Null. Upon getting back they monastery then exploded as the true Null face of flames and a void of emptiness formed a face as he looked at them all. “All will know nothingness.” before it vanished.

To the party this was only the beginning and their own personal missions would all be tied to one thing. The Dread King and the royal family.



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