Shattered Queen

Royalty, Bandits and Chess Pieces.

A new ally and finding Talimos

After the adventurers had defeated these creatures call Unsworn they rested at the left over broken tavern. Tar pools in places were what was left of the Unsworn as they were sleeping. Grendel the companion of the group was keeping an eye out as the others slept.

However a cloaked figure with a strange tophat walked down seeing the destruction. Everyone and everything that once was was either ravaged or destoryed but strange all the people were gone as if taken any survivers were huddled in cornors scared from the horrors of that night. The Man was Oren Drakeheart servant of the crown, captial and church. He was sent to investigate and report back to the crown once he had answers.

He saw that the only place that wasn’t destoryed was the taven so he decided to investigate. Upon arriving he met Grendal and the others that were there. Leaning all that transpired Oren explained that he didn’t notice this because of his job but he did introduce himself. He also agreed to help them since he was sent to investiage the area. However once inside they then heard the sounds of bones crunching and a black tar monster that was walking. It was huge and Oren went on edge but Grendel stopped him. Even Unkala was a bit wanting to fight but everyone saw that it was pointless fighting something so huge. Not to mention there was a small white tar figure beside it but it wasn’t an Unsworn. Upon closer inspection it had a symbol of a rook on it… and this Rook appeared female.

After a tense stand off the adventurers decided not to fight and the Large Tar beast called a “Maker” walked away with the “Rook”. With all cleared they decided to head to the King together and report. Once there one guard stopped them as he ordered them to explain themselves. Oren slowly looked up and just glared.

“OH it’s you…” said the Guard. “Yes, it’s me… William.” he said sternly as everyone could feel the tension could be cut with a rusted knife. “Here to see the king?” William asked sternly. “Yes.” Said Oren sternly back as finally the doors were finally opened.

Upon entering the throne room Oren bowed and so did Unkala. With some manly bonding and explaining the king learned everything and felt it was very troubling. Grendel explained that their only choice was to find Talimos for the moment because right now they had barely any information. All agreed but the King warned them that 2 waring bandits occupied where they were heading. Oren gave his word that he would deal with these and try and find out any more info.

They left in haste but as they left, thanks to Unkala and Char’s voice of reason, William was being “Royally Discipline” by a wooden paddle as he was screaming and yelling. “I’M SORRY!”

Upon reaching the territory they learned that the 2 waring bandits were the Blood Ravens, and the PUssy Willows. Seeing they were closer to Blood Raven Territory they became more and more wary. Finding a Blood Raven trap they were able to escape quickly and soon after some convincing Bluffs they were accepted into the Blood Ravens and also were now into a full on war with PUssy Willows.

Everyone with the help of the Blood Ravens defeated the PUssy Willows lackies, while Char using his ninja skills and bluffs was able to get the PUssy Willow leader and his great General to go outside and be ready for battle. Char quickly thew his shurikins killing them both by slicing through their necks as he smiled to himself. Finaly after the battle was over the Blood Ravens had the PUssy Willos disamred and had them do an unconditional surrender. Oren was able to get in and find a lot of information on Talimos and a map of where they were heading. With the battle over everyone was getting some down time as Oren showed the contents of the journal, torn pages and maps. Grendel went off angry as Oren continued to read what he could understand.

Moments later Grendel came up to the Blood Raven Leader as he was angry getting his attention he put both of his guns into the mouth of the blood raven leader and pulled the trigger blowing off his head clean off. He then pulled out both his wonders seconds later and summoned a red dragon to laid waist to the entire group as there were now only 3 survivors.

Grendel realized that after doing such a powerful spell he ripped the fabrics of time and space and paradoxes could happen from any spell. He warned everyone, Oren mostly, any magic was restricted for the entire day.

Unkala went and got the armor as he smiled loving the Blood Raven Armor as he waited to get it cleaned off. As they continued onward they then were stopped by another white tar like creature that formed into a man wearing armor but then symbol he had was that of the “Knight.” He warned them that if they continued they would find only death but our Adventurers said they had to press on.

Upon getting to the town they say there were 5 “Makers” yet 2 were at a well and one was walking around, while the last 2 were guarding the mists.

Unkala and Char sneaked into the Hospital hearing laughter while Oren sneaked into the armory. Upon entering they all saw people scared but trying to stay quiet. Unkala and Char investigated the laughing and saw it was Talimos that had gone mad from being within the mist. They learned what they could as they then prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. Oren on the other had gotten the trust of the people to help out. Getting a sharper sword for himself. He also saw lanterns and came up with the idea that if they could be ignited it could prove advantageous and asked for the help of one to throw them at the enemies and he would do his best to ignite the flames. Getting the consent of one he then got ready to fight.

Finally all started to fight, the makers, the 2 unsworn that were made and now what appeared to be something coming from the well itself. the battle raged for what seemed forever and it seemed they were losing until Oren took a huge gamble and cast a spell to help everyone. It helped more then he could hope for. The rip in space and time cause the ground to break open and 2 of the makers fell to their deaths then the ground closed back up sealing them to their fate.

After a few more fighting took place as the “Rook” and “Pawn” presented themselves. Wanting to kill Grendel but still everyone refused and thus causing them to retreat as our adventurers continued fighting.

Soon they stood victorious but exhausted as they went to rest their weary bodies and minds. They slept and recouporated for 2 days finding out that Talimos had escaped his Hospital bed and ran into the mist. Restocking and preparing for the adventure they left to the mists and thanks to Grendel he opened the way as they ran in.

Upon running in they saw huge mechanical beasts walk on by as Char ran into its foot head on then slowly slid off. The beast just looked at the group then walked on off as they all then got back to running as the mists were starting to close back up. They were able to make it as they saw they were in some sort of tube and floating to a location as monsterous sea creatures bashed against the tube they were in. Upon entering they saw they were in a mechanical kingdom seeing everyone of metal and electronics. After a few awe inspiring ordeals they learned that they needed to take what Char called an Iron Horse. A train to take them from one place to another. The boarded and listened to conversations hearing about a man that was in white robes and seemed unstable. The group heard and asked the last whereabouts hearing he was heading towards the captial city near the castle. Also, a young figure appeared before them as they saw on her forehead the symbol of the “Pawn.” Oren was a little shocked as he put his hand on his sword but Char stopped him. Listening to the “Pawn’s” words she said that her big brother would take care of them then left at the next stop smiling and skipping away.

The group now had reason to be on edge. They had to find Talimos, find Grendel’s ally to inquire about these chess pieces and now they had to worry about another chess piece they did not encounter. And the way things were going they all thought that the only chess piece they haven’t encountered was “Bishop”.

Clearly things were going to get stranger for our adventurers before they could have any reason to relax.



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