Heroes of Lore

The Land Beyond The Mist has a plethora of heroes that are said to have shaped the world into what it is today. Some of them are well known while others are still shrouded in mystery. Whether or not these figures existed is still debated by historians to this day, yet their tales are still told to children as well as being sung about by bards in the thousands of taverns across the land. This codex is just a small collection of those heroes of old, offering a brief history on these men and women of valor. -Opening paragraph to the book “Collection of …. Heroes” written by Tamarvis (Master Historian)

Awakening Period (0-500)
Hundras The Tempted
Aliven The Swift
Leo Dragonheart
Jeos and The Imperions
Ellen Tramos

The Tribium Period (500-725)
Techa El’Vear
Exikel The Mad
Urgnogel BloodHammer
Marian Batron

The Machination Period (725-Present)
Christiana Arbell
The Last Blade
Erica Von’Borra
Trevel Von’Borra
Rogena The Shadow
Zentimar Moonblade
Kalimar Moonblade

Heroes of Lore

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