History of the World

The land of … has quite a lot of history behind its more than eight hundred years of existence. This codex will provide you with information on the three periods as well as some specific points in history that changed our world forever.

Our history can be divided into three periods that were created by historians over a hundred years ago. These eras speak of our beginnings, our time of darkness, and now, our time of artistic discovery. Please, flip to the corresponding page (Click on the page links) for more information on the eras.

Awakening Period
The Tribium Period
The Machination Period

While there are thousands upon thousands of events that have taken place in our world, this codex is here to provide you with information on key points of history. These events shifted our world whether for better or for worse. Please, flip to the corresponding page (Click on the links) to learn more about these important events.

The Void’s War
The First Kingdom
The Alchemist Obelisk
The Banishing of The Elderen People
Journey Of The Kings
Rikard’s Lament
The Machination War
Battle Of The Gods
The Last Blade’s Conquest

History of the World

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