The Alchemist Obelisk

It was a time of great peril, where even the Heroes of Old would beg for mercy.”- Excerpt from “The Elderen Timeline.

The event known as the “Alchemist Obelisk” is actually the turning point from the Awakening Period to the The Tribium Period. Historians believe that the events that took place led to the two hundred and twenty five years of pain and torture that spread through the land. It is also the cause of what would be known as The Banishing of The Elderen People. The Alchemist Obelisk was not brought on by a group of individuals, but one Elderen, the great alchemist Roanin Moonblade.

Roanin Moonblade was one of the world’s most famous alchemist, for he had found the cures for many diseases that plagued the world during its beginnings. He roamed the world, healing some while helping rebuild for others. Every town, every kingdom that he visited, knew his name by heart. Some believed that he was a god, coming down to the land in order to show his love. There were others who whispered that he was a devil, blaspheming the rules of nature that the gods established from the very beginning. Roanin took both the praise and insults humbly, never trying to show off while not arguing with those who questioned his methods.

One part of the world that intrigued him was the ocean of mist that seemed to surround the entire world. No one could truly explain the purpose of the mist, nor its origin. Some believed that it was to show the end of the world, while others believed that there were even more lands beyond the mist. Roanin decided that it was his job to study it, and so he did. He went to the southern tip of the world, where the fog was thickest, and he walked through. No one could see Roanin, but there were those who said that they could hear him screaming in bloody agony.

No one knew exactly what happened while Roanin was in the mist, but they would soon find out that it was not a good change that occured inside of the Elderen’s body. For one, thick veins covered his arms and his neck, as if every muscle in his body was constantly tensing up. His teeth were turned into ebony while his white eyes were turned crimson. When he spoke, it was as if a thousand voices screamed out all at once. People came to him and asked him what he had learned, and Roanin’s only response was that he knew the truth.

Roanin left the public eye for a year or two, locked away in his labs. Nobody, not even his old assistance could begin to comprehend what he was doing. One day, the Elderen left his confines, and the world would soon discover what he was planning.

It could only be described as a mountainous piece of black metal. Roanin had crafted it with his alchemical abilities, and now it would be a symbol of his power. People from all around would come in droves to see what this gigantic piece of metal could do, and that was just what Roanin wanted. Uttering a few words of a spell underneath his breath, Roanin activated a series of hidden runes etched all over the obelisk.

What happened next was a nightmare. Everyone who was around the obelisk was soon picked up by massive winds and had their souls sucked out of them. The collective souls were absorbed into the obelisk, which in turn began to make the skies darken and spill acid rain from the skies above. Those that weren’t drained of their souls found themselves practically melting from the acid rain, Roanin included. Despite the rain and his melting skin, Roanin was kept alive somehow.

For years the obelisk used the souls of any fool who dared come in its path, converting it to energy for some unknown reason. It seemed to keep Roanin alive, but just barely, the Elderen’s skin and muscle beginning to melt away from the effects of the acid rain. It was only when a witch by the name of Techa El’Vear. Techa managed to kill Roanin with a gigantic fireball that nearly decimated the entire village. Once he was dead, the obelisk seemed to stop working as well, but the damage was already done. Nearly half the population of the land had been swallowed up by the black metal and used for a cause that, to this day, is a mystery.

The Alchemist Obelisk

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