The Banishing of The Elderen People

It was one of our biggest mistakes, one that would lead to hundreds of years of racism and hatred.”- Excerpt from “Racism of …

The Elderen, a race of tall, blue skinned humanoids, were once treated with the utmost respect. Historians and scientist all agree that they were, and still are, one of the most intelligent races of the known world. Unfortunately, after the events of The Alchemist Obelisk, Elderen were soon seen as monsters of the land, banished to the snow-capped mountains to the east. What brought on this sudden hatred for the blue skinned people? The same woman who ended Roanin Moonblade‘s dark reign, Techa El’Vear.

After the obelisk was destroyed, Techa began doing research on the notes left behind by Roanin, more specifically, the notes that were about the mist that surrounded the land. Roanin spoke of whispers and the shadows of giants that shifted through the mist. He suggested that there was, indeed, more land outside of our own, and that he knew how to get there. More notes would reveal his hypothesis that his people, the Elderen, were the key to unlocking the secret behind the mist. Techa was frightened, for if Roanin became the monster that he was because of the mist, could the other Elderen be affected the same way?

Techa had suggested an idea that would change the world forever. Her plan was to banish the Elderens to the snow mountains to west, which was land that had not been traveled by any humanoid of that age. She figured that if they were far enough away from the few surviving beings, they could not bring them any harm. There were those who found this to be barbaric, but there were many more who were more than glad to push the Elderen out of their land. The blue skinned people did not leave without a fight, but it was to no avail. They were sent to the mountains, where they would be exiled for the next two hundred years.

The Banishing of The Elderen People

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