The First Kingdom

Historians agree that the very first kingdom was Swev, the collection of small villages ruled by Hundras.” -Excerpt from “History of Villages and Cities.

The first kingdom in recorded history is the Kingdom of Swev. Established by the hero Hundras The Tempted, Swev was a collection of small villages in the southern most tip of the land. These villages allowed themselves to be ruled by Hundras because they believed that if they had a hero of legend as their king, no one would think about attacking them. They were right, to a point.

Swev’s development brought about the creation of other kingdoms throughout the land. All of them were nothing more than several small villages or towns coming together to be ruled by one, or several individuals. In total, there were 72 kingdoms, way more than our current 7 kingdoms. For awhile, these groups had a peace amongst themselves, but greed soon got the better of them.

Several kingdoms went for Swev first, giving the Kingdom all they had. It was all for naught, for Hundras killed all of he armies by himself. With each failed attempt, Hundras took over more and more land until he ruled half of the world by the end of the year. Historians have no doubt that Hundras could have claimed the entire world, but he unfortunately committed suicide before that dream could become a reality.

The First Kingdom

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